The Sphagnum Moss - Selection Process

ALPHA MOSS pays very special attention to the cleaning, drying, compressing and packing process of the moss, which is conducted in several phases:

- Preliminary cleaning on site just after cropping and before transportation to the central unit.

- Natural drying methods under shelter by sun and wind action to preserve the genuine qualities of the products, by opposition to artificial methods which, according to our experiments are causing severe damages to the product.

Second cleaning operation and selection of the moss according to our various standard qualities:

- Gold : This is our extra quality sphagnum moss of a white and light rose color.A special selection of the thickest strands, average of lengths around 150mm. mainly used for decorative orchids pottings.

- Red : This is our superior quality sphagnum moss of rosy and light brown color.The average of the strands length is 100mm and 150mm. mainly used by orchid breeders

- Blue : This is our standard quality sphagnum moss of rosy and light brown color. The average of the strands length is less than 100mm.
.2 main uses
-added to substrates to improve their humidity retention power and aeration of the soil
-equally used in direct plantations in the soil to ensure an excellent rooting of the plant.

- Green : It is composed of sphagnum moss leaves. Of a fine consistency, it is ideal for orchids breeding and types of substrate mixes. added to orchids or any other types of substrates

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