The Sphagnum Moss - Properties of the Product

- Keeps humidity longer in the soil.
- Gives better durable aeration and lightness to the soil.
- Due to the presence of a preservative substance (polysaccharide), has an antibacterian activity.
- The sphagnum moss plant is almost unputrefiable.

Biological and Physical Specifications of Sphagnum Moss:

·PH 4,8
·Humidity ratio +/- 20%
·Foreign matter ratio > 5%

These specifications allows:

-To retain up to 20 times its own weight of water and redistribute this water to roots according to their own requirements.

-Simultaneously, to provide an optimum oxygenation to the plant.

-Furthermore its antiseptic properties due to the presence of a powerful preservative, polysaccharide, help the plant resisting to diseases and parasites.

Besides, this exceptional property makes that the sphagnum moss is more and more used to preserve other products: fishes , fruits, etc.

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