About Us


ALPHA MOSS is a Chilean corporation established in Chile by French and Chilean investors, located in the island of Chiloe, Pacific Ocean. Chiloe is a large island, 1.300 km south of Santiago. Due to its humid climate, it is well known for the high quality of its sphagnum moss.

ALPHA MOSS is a subsidiary of an important international company, Forestal Alpha Ltda. Well known for its high quality export standards. It is managed by specialists of the industrial process and control of quality.

Due to the excellency of its products, ALPHA MOSS has become within the last years in the largest Chilean Exporters, especially in the Asian, USA and European markets.

ALPHA MOSS is harvesting the moss according to long terms plans.Manual harvesting methods allow the protection of the environment as it guarantees the natural growing of the plant within a 4 years cycle on preliminary harvested sites.The harvest methods allows to tightly associating the natives of the island to the development of an added value.