The Sphagnum Moss

The Sphagnum moss is a plant from the moss family and grows in swamps areas.It is a living plant in opposition to the "peat moss" which is a fossile sphagnum moss. One can find it in New Zealand, in Australia and in the south of Chile

Selection Process
Our work

ALPHA MOSS pays very special attention to the cleaning, drying, compressing and packing process of the moss, which is conducted in several phases.

Sphagnum Moss


We offer  75g, 150g, 500g, 0,8kg, 1kg, 1,25kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg and 7kg packs. These can be normally compressed or highly compressed.

Biological Specifications of Sphagnum

·PH 4,8
·Humidity ratio +/- 20%
·Foreign matter ratio > 5%

Our Methods

Natural drying methods under shelter by sun and wind action to preserve the genuine qualities of the products


ALPHA MOSS has become within the last years the largest Chilean Exporter, especially in the Asian, USA and European markets.